We are poker fans and poker stars in our own little way.

We are thrilled to bring Poker Stars news to the world in a way that supports the poker industry. We are particularly interested in Online Texas Holdem, how to play, where to play, and how to win. It's not easy but if you are patient and if you are disciplined in your play then you too can be a profitable poker star.  The problem in Texas Holdem cash games or Tournaments is that players want action so they play too many hands and in the end they end up losing. If you are playing at a table with 8 other players and you are winning 1/8th of the hands you indeed are playing well. Even the best players go through slumps so you have to be disciplined to walk away from the table when you are losing - live to play another day. All poker players go through slumps and the best poker players recognize when they are in the middle of a slump. At the highest level of play the game becomes all about strategy. Whether you are playing in a cash game or a big time tournament with a large field you need to know how to get away from a hand.  Sometimes the best play you make is folding a 2nd or 3rd best hand instead of risking all your chips and getting busted out. The key in winning a Texas Holdem tournament is just playing smart and not getting trapped by another player who has position on you, or in other words you are in a hand with someone who has the last chance to make a decision on every betting round and you are betting into them until the river when they go all in. Unless you end up with the best possible hand you have to consider your options carefully.  Don't ever risk your tournament life or your bankroll on a weak hand.  It's not worth it.